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e.VIP Checking Account

An all-in-one checking account that comes with an ATM (for Personal), checkbook and transaction journal. It has tiered interest rates that gives a higher rate than regular savings. You may also choose from our Legal, Medical, Technical and Business professional check design series.

Key Features:

  • A journal that records your detailed transactions
  • Access to your account 24/7 via RCBC Savings Bank AccessOne Internet and any ATM
  • Priority processing and special rates when you avail of any MyLoans product
  • Complimentary Gold or Platinum Credit Card from RCBC Bankard*

*Subject to RCBC Bankard's credit approval policies

Product Name Interest Rate Initial Deposit and Maintaining Balance ADB to Earn Interest ATM Passbook Checkbook SOA AccesOne
eVIP - Personal Tiered P25,000 Tiered with ATM with passbook with checkbook with SOA with AccessOne
eVIP - Corporate Tiered P25,000 Tiered NA with passbook with checkbook with SOA with AccessOne
ADB Personal Tiered Interest Rate ADB Corporate Tiered Interest Rate
P25,000 < P500,000 0.375% P 50,000 < P 100,000 0.375%
P500,000 and above 0.750% P500,000 and above 0.750%