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Being Financially Stable Even If You're Not Crazy Rich

October 3, 2018

Contrary to what a lot of people think, you don’t need to be a millionaire to upgrade your lifestyle and become financially stable.

It’s not only about having a different car to drive for each day of the week or being able to fly to Europe on a whim.

It’s more about being able to live in relative comfort without sacrificing your current lifestyle even if you suffer a major financial loss.

It’s about being in control of your money and deciding where your money goes.  

Here are some signs that you have successfully upgraded your lifestyle and become a financially stable adult.

1. You don’t feel guilty when you go on a spur of the moment shopping trip.

You see a fabulous pair of shoes online and make the purchase in less than five minutes.

You wait for the guilty feelings to come, but they never do.

Oh, that’s right. There are no guilty feelings because you can afford to buy the shoes. (Also, the shoes can really serve you well for many years.)

You’re not filthy rich, but you can splurge on yourself from time to time without going broke.

Your purchases, even if they can cost a lot sometimes, don’t impact your money flow or your financial standing in a negative way. 

2. You can afford to pay cash.

Even if the store clerk starts babbling about zero interest rates on installment payments, you’re not even tempted.

You’d much rather pay for it in cash today and get it over with.

Why pay for something for the next 12 months when you can pay for it one time?

3. You live below your means and you don’t mind at all.

You are also way past that stage where you buy expensive things just to show people you can afford them.

You know you can buy what you want anytime, but you prefer to put your money to better use.

Somehow, spending money has lost its appeal to you.

When you do choose to spend it, however, you only spend it on things that you really need. You buy things to reward yourself and not to keep up appearances.

4. Your bills are always paid on time.

In fact, you pay them as soon as the bills come in.

You don’t like owing anyone anything, so you make sure that paying your bills is ticked off as early as possible on your to-do list.

5. Your plans don’t depend on pay days.

You don’t wait for paydays anymore just to have a plate of risotto at your favorite Italian place, or to attend a 3-day music festival out of town with friends, or to have a quick getaway with the family.

You know you have upgraded your lifestyle when every day feels like a payday!

6. You don’t use your credit cards out of necessity.

To be honest, you only use them for the convenience and for the reward points and bonuses.

You don’t use your credit cards to extend your paycheck or to buy things you can’t afford. No, you don’t roll like that anymore.

7. You don’t lose sleep over your finances.

Now that you have upgraded your lifestyle and achieved financial stability, you don’t obsess about money anymore.

Sure, you still have money problems. But they’re not really that big a problem to lose sleep over.

8.The future does not scare you.

In fact, you’re excited for it because you will reap the rewards of your hard work and finally get to enjoy the fruits of your investments.

You don’t feel like you’re stuck at all. You have a lot of options when it comes to money, and your net worth grows yearly.

You do a great job avoiding debts while also building streams of passive income that will keep you financially stable.

Well done, you! 

9. If you lose your job now, it’s not the end of the world.  

No job? No worries!

The best indicator of being financially stable is when you suddenly lose your job and you’re not worried about where you’ll get the money.

You can still support yourself and your dependents even when between jobs.

You’ve got a few financial spare tires to help you cover everything, so why worry?

10. You have a plan.

Life insurance, check. Retirement fund, check. Kids’ college fund, check. Emergency shopping fund, check.

You’ve covered all the bases, and you have a back-up plan for pretty much everything.

If your plan fails, you have a backup plan in place. You even have a backup plan for your backup plan.

11. You belong to a premier club that offers exclusive privileges and first-class services.

Hardworking professionals, young executives, and dedicated business owners deserve a bank that will take care of and grow their hard-earned money.

RCBC Savings Bank’s Hexagon Club caters to successful and hardworking individuals just like you in helping you better secure your financial future while letting you enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards designed only for the select few.

Enjoying a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle while being financially stable is an ongoing journey.

Take this exciting journey being part of the Hexagon Club!


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