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OFW -- Believe You'll Be Home Soon!

November 13, 2018

There’s nothing like spending Christmas here in the Philippines with all your loved ones. But not all Filipinos get to do so because of work commitments or financial constraints.

More often than not, OFWs need to sacrifice being with family during this most special time of the year because they need to earn money or save money for more urgent or bigger expenses.

However, just because you’re not in the Philippines doesn’t mean you should not celebrate Christmas wherever you are.

You can bring the holidays with you and celebrate in your own special way. Here are some great ideas how. 

Create that festive holiday mood in your home.

Some countries may have a restriction when it comes to public decorations or celebrations, but you can put up a few Christmas decorations indoors if this is the case.

A small Christmas tree adorned with lights and trinkets should be enough, especially when you have a well-curated Christmas playlist playing in the background! 

Buy yourself a nice Christmas treat.

Go ahead and reward yourself for all your hard work, especially if you have been scrimping all year long.

If you have a little extra to spend, buy something you really like to make you feel the holiday spirit even more.

You can buy a new gadget or a new piece of furniture. You can shop for new clothes or new shoes.

Or you can also spend that money on a wiser investment, like beefing up your insurance policy or adding more to your emergency savings or retirement fund.

If you like to think of your long-term goals, you can also choose to spend this money on your down payment for your new home or for your monthly amortization.

Having a house that you can call your own is, after all, the best Christmas present that you can give to yourself and your loved ones!

Hold a Christmas party.

You can have a small and low-key celebration with Christmas-themed party games, songs, and food. (If you live in a country where such gatherings are not allowed, you can have a simple get-together at home with friends and make sure that you’re not breaking the law.)

When you’re far away from family and loved ones, your housemates or co-workers become your second family, so why not celebrate Christmas with them just like you would celebrate Christmas at home?

Exchange gifts.

Whether you’re young or old, it’s always a delight to receive a gift from someone. Exchange Christmas gifts Secret Santa style, or you can just raffle off gifts and pick one from a bunch.

Whichever way you do it, receiving a special Christmas gift from someone dear to you will make you feel closer to home. It does not even have to be a fancy gift. After all, it’s really the thought that counts!

Cook all your Christmas favorites.

You can ask any OFW or anyone who’s been away from the Philippines for too long what they miss the most about Christmas in the Philippines. It’s all the delicious holiday food!

Puto bumbong, quezo de bola, Christmas ham, Pinoy-style spaghetti, fruit salad, pork lechon, chicken galantina, and many other delicious dishes are sure to make you whip up an appetite and make you feel like you’re back home.

Don’t worry if you’re not a good cook. That’s what YouTube cooking tutorials are for!

Attend Christmas mass.

If you don’t feel like being social on Christmas, you can still feel the spirit of the holiday season by attending Simbang Gabi.

It’s the perfect opportunity to observe the real message of the season, which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Video call with the whole family.

Christmas is about family and friends. If you can’t be with them physically, you can still feel close to them via Skype video call or Facetime.

It may not be the same as kissing them and holding them in your arms, but it definitely helps ease the loneliness and homesickness that you may feel during the merriest time of the year. 

Do something charitable to celebrate the real spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is for sharing and giving, and what better way to make Christmas more special than to share your blessings with the less fortunate?

There are many ways you can give back to your community or to people who are in need.

You can organize a food drive on Christmas or give gifts to children from poor families. You can even be Santa for a day and visit the local hospital, shelter, or old people’s home.

Send money to your loved ones back home to make sure that they have the happiest holiday season.

When you see your loved ones happy, it makes you feel happy, too. Send money back home to make sure that your loved ones experience a Christmas to remember.   

RCBC Send Cash allows you to send cash anywhere in the Philippines even if they don’t have a bank account. Simply log in to your RCBC online banking account and choose ‘Send Cash’ and your loved ones can withdraw the money at any RCBC Savings Bank.

It’s never easy to be away from your loved ones. But know that all your hard work and sacrifice will be worth it, and that you’ll be home with your family very soon! 

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