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Top 10 Filipino Superstitions on Money

September 3, 2018

A lot of Filipinos have adopted many beliefs, traditions, and superstitions when it comes to money, including how to earn more money and how to spend money the right way.

It’s believed that doing so will attract positive money energy and all sorts of good luck!

This brings to focus the many superstitions that Filipinos have about money. Here we have listed ten of the most popular that have been passed on from generation to generation.

1. Money inside your wallet should be arranged by denomination from lowest to highest, with the money face facing inwards.

It signifies growth in terms of money when you arrange your notes from lowest to highest. It also attracts money to you when the note faces inwards.

It not only makes your wallet look more organized, it also saves you time looking for the right note when you need to pay for something in a hurry.

2. Never pay on a Monday.

Monday is the first day of the week, and money that you take out of your wallet or withdraw from your savings on a Monday sets a precedent for the rest of the week.

When you start out your week ‘losing’ money, you will lose money for the rest of the week as well.

3. Never pay your debts after the sun goes down.

Doing so will attract more debts and even increase your unexpected or unnecessary expenses.

It is believed that because the day has already ended, money should not leave your possession anymore.

4. A businessman’s first customer of the day will bring good luck.

This is what a lot of businessmen refer to as ‘buena mano’.

The first customer of the day will attract more customers and boost the total sales of the day, especially if they are given a huge discount.

It will not hurt if the money they pay you with will be tapped or brushed on the merchandise for added good luck!


5. Itchy palms, incoming money.

People say that when your palms start to get itchy for no reason, money is on its way to you!


6. No sweeping of floors at night.

You’ve probably heard this from your grandparents, uncles, aunts, or even your own parents.

When you reach for the broom to do a little sweeping after dinner, they will reprimand you and remind you not to do any sweeping at night.

This is because you are also sweeping prosperity out of the house.

7. A new wallet gift must also contain a gift of money.

It’s a belief that how much money you put inside will also determine or dictate the recipient’s wealth.

The bigger the note, the richer they can be.


8. Don’t put receipts inside wallet because they will invite more expenses.

A lot of people have this habit of cramming all their receipts in the wallet right after shopping.

What they don’t know is that accumulated receipts can invite unlucky energies that will make you spend more and more.

9. Pay with your right hand.

For most people, the right hand is the dominant hand. When you let go of money with your stronger and more powerful hand, it signifies that you will easily and quickly earn that money back!

Give money with your right and receive money with your left to attract money and achieve a good balance in your finances.

10. Don’t invest in stocks or make business decisions during the Ghost Month.

Stock market people dread the Ghost Month because people are being advised not to invest. It’s believed to bring bad luck.

But if you’ve been investing for a long time, just keep investing and buying stocks as normal. There’s nothing to worry about, especially if you know how the stock market works.

If you’re a newbie at investing, there’s still a lot of opportunities to make money, but just be more careful than usual.

There’s nothing wrong with following traditions and believing superstitions. They may sound silly for some, but they also ring true for others.

Superstition or not, it’s best to be financially independent as early as possible.

If you think you’re late in the game, you’re not. You can still build a financially secure future if you start on it today. The best way to manage your finances and increase your personal wealth is still through intelligent and prudent financial management.

With the right financial partner, of course, and that’s RCBC Savings Bank!




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